Our Mission


3PH, LLC is a prime construction management contractor providing quality construction services and products. Located in Bismarck, ND with a national sales office in Fredericks, MD, 3PH is positioned to provide expert project site management, general contracting and subcontracting services with our nationwide network of business relationships.

To perform for our customers the highest level of quality construction services at competitive prices.

 To establish and maintain long-term repeat and referral business by providing excellent customer service in all areas including timeliness, attention to detail and service-minded attitudes.


3PH, LLC understands budget constraints and every project is different. 3PH, LLC will take a proactive approach to anticipate any and all reasonable, foreseeable costs that will be incurred during construction.


3PH, LLC can perform site assessments of existing conditions and establish a construction site mobilization plan. 3PH, LLC’s team will work closely with the owner and its representatives to develop a comprehensive plan for use of the site during construction. These plans incorporate procedures for truck traffic and delivery schedules that minimize disturbances to adjacent buildings. If the project is within an occupied facility, 3PH, LLC will take steps to fully understand the client’s usage of the space and incorporate that knowledge into the plans. The primary objective of 3PH, LLC is always to provide a safe site with the least disruption possible.



3PH, LLC understands that most, if not all, projects have firm deadlines with significant implications if these deadlines are missed. 3PH, LLC will develop a master project schedule that will be used as a tool for planning and monitoring the progress of the preconstruction and construction process. This schedule will include such items as the design process, permitting time frames, budget reviews, and owner action items. If there are requirements for phased construction or site restrictions, these will be addressed and incorporated.



3PH, LLC will develop a feasibility study and constructability analysis based on the project scope, program requirements, site constraints and available budget. In addition, 3PH, LLC will review, discuss and make recommendations regarding the systems, materials, details and components being considered for the project.




3PH, LLC will be a proactive partner in the preconstruction process and will proactively identify areas where money is being spent unwisely, search for alternatives, and recommend materials and methods that are cost effective yet maintains the integrity of the design intent.